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Game MovesResultYearEventOpening or Custom Tags
Marosi vs. Takac   421-037th Zalakaros Open 2018
Ianov vs. Kosztolanczi   68draw37th Zalakaros Open 2018
Radovanovic vs. Biro   21draw37th Zalakaros Open 2018
Karacsonyi vs. Bo   230-137th Zalakaros Open 2018
Papp vs. Hardicsay   480-137th Zalakaros Open 2018
Kincs vs. Ostovic   350-137th Zalakaros Open 2018
Srinath vs. Szalanczy   481-037th Zalakaros Open 2018
Peczely vs. Tompa   15draw37th Zalakaros Open 2018
Lopez vs. Kernazhitsky   351-037th Zalakaros Open 2018
Vegh vs. Horvath   240-137th Zalakaros Open 2018
Nemeth vs. Polajzer   271-037th Zalakaros Open 2018
Yim vs. Moore   301-027th Chicago Open 2018
Petesch vs. Miellier   64draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Homa vs. Perelshteyn   461-027th Chicago Open 2018
Katz vs. Georgiev   50draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Vibbert vs. Nyzhnyk   46draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Gabuzyan vs. Santarius   271-027th Chicago Open 2018
Shmeliov vs. Matsenko   81draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Lee vs. Li   480-127th Chicago Open 2018
Sevian vs. Shetty   301-027th Chicago Open 2018
Kovalyov vs. Bora   390-127th Chicago Open 2018
Shabalov vs. Marandi   691-027th Chicago Open 2018
Stukopin vs. Preotu   56draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Macieja vs. Durarbayli   400-127th Chicago Open 2018
Azarov vs. Jumabayev   21draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Shimanov vs. Ashwin   371-027th Chicago Open 2018
Dragun vs. Degurnay   51draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Sarkar vs. Homa   19draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Moore vs. Rozman   360-127th Chicago Open 2018
Mulyar vs. Itkin   42draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Ostrovskiy vs. Colas   901-027th Chicago Open 2018
Santarius vs. Ramer   691-027th Chicago Open 2018
Boros vs. Plotkin   391-027th Chicago Open 2018
Wang vs. Nyzhnyk   37draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Kovalyov vs. Song   331-027th Chicago Open 2018
Macieja vs. Katz   511-027th Chicago Open 2018
Shetty vs. Gabuzyan   46draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Li vs. Shmeliov   53draw27th Chicago Open 2018
Zierk vs. Shimanov   320-127th Chicago Open 2018
Patel vs. Shabalov   35draw27th Chicago Open 2018
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Chessworld thanks all chess game archivists who conscientiously create PGN files which become freely available on the Internet. Many thanks particularly to the work of John Saunders who in 1997 started the country-game archiving revolution with Britbase. Also a special thanks to Mark Crowther with the Week In Chess (TWIC) who week after week creates PGN files of every major tournament. Many thanks also to those players with neat handwriting who make the job of the archivists much easier to try and decipher what moves they actually played! A big thanks also to for an excellent set of PGN tools which help reap the power of the PGN standard!