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GameMovesResultYearEventOpeningCustom Tags
Hashim Darwish vs. S wahabuddin Mirzaad  65draw2016Chess Olympiad B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence 
Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suarez vs. Bogdan-Daniel Deac  53draw2016Chess Olympiad C50 Kings pawn game 
Ulvi Bajarani vs. Adonay Delgadillo  281-02016Chess Olympiad A45 Queens pawn game 
Edward Nii Lamptey Thompson vs. Kei Keng Mak  380-12016Chess Olympiad B30 Sicilian defence 
Vladimir Klasan vs. Antonis Antoniou  441-02016Chess Olympiad B00 Kings pawn opening 
Salim Mohammed Salim Al Amri vs. Elton Joseph  331-02016Chess Olympiad B33 Sicilian defence 
Eltaj Safarli vs. Handszar Odeev  431-02016Chess Olympiad B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence 
Jakob Vang Glud vs. Yu Tien Poon  421-02016Chess Olympiad A13 English opening 
Mauro Ampie vs. Sergio Minero Pineda  22draw2016Chess Olympiad C11 French defence 
Farage Mahdia vs. Desalegn Jimma Fekadu  430-12016Chess Olympiad B96 Sicilian: Najdorf, 7.f4 
Eduardas Rozentalis vs. Rinat Jumabayev  49draw2016Chess Olympiad C69 Ruy Lopez: exchange variation, 5.O-O 
Adlane Arab vs. Carlos Matamoros Franco  430-12016Chess Olympiad D05 Queens pawn game 
Andrei Obodchuk vs. Nelson Borges Pinal  74draw2016Chess Olympiad B31 Sicilian: Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (with ...g6, without ...d6) 
Bassem Amin vs. Rodwell Makoto  191-02016Chess Olympiad C50 Kings pawn game 
Zdenko Kozul vs. Dmitry Svetushkin  541-02016Chess Olympiad A07 Reti: Kings Indian attack (Barcza system) 
Eugenio Torre vs. Moulthun Ly  901-02016Chess Olympiad A40 Queens pawn 
Claude Wagener vs. Donaldo Paiva  201-02016Chess Olympiad B90 Sicilian: Najdorf 
Wesley So vs. Alexandre Lesiege  361-02016Chess Olympiad A30 English: symmetrical variation 
Matej Sebenik vs. Andrei Volokitin  420-12016Chess Olympiad D02 Queens pawn game 
Philip Diing Gai Diing vs. Krzysztof Belzo  730-12016Chess Olympiad D37 QGD: 4.Nf3 
Brian Wong vs. Mphungt Gerrard  240-12016Chess Olympiad D00 Queens pawn game 
Petros Mfune vs. Daniel King-wai Lam  43draw2016Chess Olympiad B92 Sicilian: Najdorf, Opovcensky variation 
Erikson Roberto Mauricio Soares vs. Hussain Wahid  57draw2016Chess Olympiad A06 Reti opening 
Deivy Vera Siguenas vs. Gawain Jones  32draw2016Chess Olympiad C78 Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O 
Mustafa Yilmaz vs. Levan Pantsulaia  580-12016Chess Olympiad A60 Benoni defence 
Ilidio Alberto Chunguane vs. Fred Berend  530-12016Chess Olympiad E83 Kings Indian: Saemisch, 6...Nc6 
Nikola Nikolovski vs. Dejan Marjanovic  70draw2016Chess Olympiad C07 French: Tarrasch, open variation 
Ivan Saric vs. Viktor Bologan  341-02016Chess Olympiad B06 Robatsch (modern) defence 
Md Omar Ak Hafizon Pg vs. Nahun Gavarrete  36draw2016Chess Olympiad B52 Sicilian: Canal-Sokolsky attack, 3...Bd7 
Anthony Drayton vs. Tokelo Klaas  750-12016Chess Olympiad B41 Sicilian: Kan variation 
Dritan Mehmeti vs. Nail Bashirli  410-12016Chess Olympiad D00 Queens pawn game 
Vidit Santosh Gujrathi vs. Aryan Tari  451-02016Chess Olympiad D70 Neo-Gruenfeld defence 
Sjurdur Thorsteinsson vs. Tiger Hillarp Persson  680-12016Chess Olympiad B43 Sicilian: Kan, 5.Nc3 
Octavio Croes vs. Sami Lill  58draw2016Chess Olympiad A53 Old Indian defence 
Dragisa Blagojevic vs. Marian Jurcik  740-12016Chess Olympiad E10 Queens pawn game 
Khushal Moinzai vs. Musab Shaker  491-02016Chess Olympiad D51 QGD: 4.Bg5 Nbd7 
Marat Dzhumaev vs. Aleksej Aleksandrov  500-12016Chess Olympiad C52 Evans gambit 
Matias Latorre vs. Richard Forster  371-02016Chess Olympiad A45 Queens pawn game 
Tomas Petrik vs. Blazo Kalezic  29draw2016Chess Olympiad C05 French: Tarrasch, closed variation 
Stephen Jessel vs. Wilson Guillermo Palencia Morales  960-12016Chess Olympiad A04 Reti opening 
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Chessworld thanks all chess game archivists who conscientiously create PGN files which become freely available on the Internet. Many thanks particularly to the work of John Saunders who in 1997 started the country-game archiving revolution with Britbase. Also a special thanks to Mark Crowther with the Week In Chess (TWIC) who week after week creates PGN files of every major tournament. Many thanks also to those players with neat handwriting who make the job of the archivists much easier to try and decipher what moves they actually played! A big thanks also to for an excellent set of PGN tools which help reap the power of the PGN standard!