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Game MovesResultYearEventOpening or Custom Tags
Nunn vs. Jackson   320-11st 4NCL Spring Bank 2018
Pc vs. Manu   501-011th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Ajay vs. Das   570-111th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Wagh vs. Khusenkhojaev   15draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Jayakumaar vs. Visakh   52draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Deviatkin vs. Rohith   311-011th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Sahoo vs. Rahman   310-111th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Neverov vs. Nguyen   102draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Sekar vs. Minh   61draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Pruijssers vs. Tiwari   40draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Burmakin vs. Aronyak   67draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Tukhaev vs. Chowdhury   44draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Amonatov vs. Rajdeep   761-011th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Aditya vs. Mozharov   330-111th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Gukesh vs. Sangma   491-011th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Laxman vs. Raghunandan   341-011th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Patil vs. Karthik   380-111th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Vignesh vs. Tran   44draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Saurabh vs. Debashis   30draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Ravi vs. Ghosh   46draw11th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Kaustuv vs. Rozum   440-111th KIIT Elite Open 2018
Kurevija vs. Raguz   250-1ch-CRO w 2018
Arnold vs. Purkic   341-0ch-CRO w 2018
Dasic vs. Spilek   11-0ch-CRO w 2018
Bevanda vs. Putar   301-0ch-CRO w 2018
Radikovic vs. Ivekovic   28drawch-CRO w 2018
Koksa vs. Golub   35drawch-CRO w 2018
Maroslavac vs. Muha   29drawch-CRO w 2018
Blazeka vs. Solic   641-0ch-CRO w 2018
Spiranec vs. Ivekovic   8drawch-CRO w 2018
Vujnovic vs. Berke   250-1ch-CRO w 2018
Cvitan vs. Medic   8drawch-CRO w 2018
Spilek vs. Kurevija   12drawch-CRO w 2018
Putar vs. Komljenovic   341-0ch-CRO w 2018
Purkic vs. Bevanda   760-1ch-CRO w 2018
Ivekovic vs. Arnold   211-0ch-CRO w 2018
Muha vs. Raguz   351-0ch-CRO w 2018
Maroslavac vs. Radikovic   39drawch-CRO w 2018
Blazeka vs. Koksa   311-0ch-CRO w 2018
Golub vs. Vujnovic   51drawch-CRO w 2018
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Chessworld thanks all chess game archivists who conscientiously create PGN files which become freely available on the Internet. Many thanks particularly to the work of John Saunders who in 1997 started the country-game archiving revolution with Britbase. Also a special thanks to Mark Crowther with the Week In Chess (TWIC) who week after week creates PGN files of every major tournament. Many thanks also to those players with neat handwriting who make the job of the archivists much easier to try and decipher what moves they actually played! A big thanks also to for an excellent set of PGN tools which help reap the power of the PGN standard!