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Absolutely Amazing Chess Game!: Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So : Bilbao (2016) : Mega Notable game

♚Play turn style chess at Instructive game tags: Carlsen vs So, Berlin defence, Solid opening, Ultra-solid opening, Berlin defence popularity, d3 sideline, structural damage, Bxc6 doubling pawns, Bishop pair vs structure, Knight maneuver, amazing knight maneuver, knight f5 threat, knife f5, amazing knight, powerful knight, superb knight, knight prevents castling, invisible threats, subtle threats, forcing move threats, threats that prevent castling, knight in variations, fragile structure, king in center, king stuck in centre, king safety issues, knight forking, knight winning material, knight everywhere, profound knight, epic knight, unkickable knight, left hook, attacking rook, loose piece, defensive knight, resourceful knight, attacking and defensive knight, knight winning a piece possibility, pawn sac on queenside, opening files, knights working together, connecting rooks, rook to 7th rank threat, desperado tactic, desperado, opening d file, opening more files, d-file threats, fatal battery, too many threats, profound knight, super knight, incredible knight Game quality tags: amazing, awesome, astonishing, brilliant, classic, crushing, dynamic, elegant, exceptional, excellent, exciting, fabulous, famous, fantastic, fascinating, finest, flashy, greatest, immortal, important, impressive, incredible, instructive, incredible, interesting, magnificent, marvellous, memorable, mind-blowing, must see, outrageous, prize, remarkable, scintillating, sparkling, stunning, sweet, superb, thrilling, top, unbelievable, wonderful, worlds greatest [Event "Bilbao"] [Site "Bilbao ESP"] [Date "2016.07.16"] [EventDate "2016.07.13"] [Round "4"] [Result "1-0"] [White "Magnus Carlsen"] [Black "Wesley So"] [ECO "C65"] [WhiteElo "2855"] [BlackElo "2770"] [PlyCount "51"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 Bc5 5. Bxc6 dxc6 6. Qe2 Qe7 7. Nbd2 Bg4 8. h3 Bh5 9. a3 Nd7 10. b4 Bd6 11. Nc4 f6 12. Ne3 a5 13. Nf5 Qf8 14. bxa5 Rxa5 15. O-O Qf7 16. a4 Nc5 17. Qe1 b6 18. Nd2 Rxa4 19. Nc4 Bf8 20. Be3 Kd7 21. Qc3 Nxe4 22. Nxb6+ cxb6 23. dxe4 Qc4 24. Qd2+ Kc7 25. g4 Bg6 26. Rfd1 1-0 ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: ►Or support via Patreon page: ►Playlists: ►FREE online chess at or realtime at ►Follow me at Google+ :