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Hikaru Nakamura's most outrageous chess opening! Tradewise Gibraltar 2015 - Round 1

♚Play turn style chess at Instructive game tags: Dutch defence, Aggressive opening, Aggressive defence, Double-edged opening, Risky opening, Flank opening, playing for a win, Anti-Dutch system, Anti-dutch defense system, Early queen move, Exploiting b2 pawn, loose pawn, unprotected pawn, weakness of last move, Queen tempo gains, risky queen moves, Early material grabbing, poisoned pawn, winning b2 pawn, delayed castling, delaying castling, pawn sac, activating pieces, undermining center, undermining centre, walking king to safety, king safety, passed pawn, outside passed pawn, outside passed 'a' pawn, passed a pawn, activating rooks, strange game, violating opening principles, when to break the rules, rules and exceptions, unusual opening play, walking king into safety, manual castling, rules of thumb, breaking rules of thumb, messy positions, tactical positions, creativity in chess, room for creativity in chess, high percentage of queen moves in opening, most chess opening principles ignored during a win, bizarre chess game, counterattacking game, opening creativity, crazy moves, Game quality tags: crazy, bizarre, amazing, astonishing, dynamic, elegant, exciting, incredible, instructive, incredible, interesting, must see, outrageous, remarkable, unbelievable Adventurous Game Quality games: "Romantic era", "Romantic era style", Risky, Daring, Adventurous, Outrageous, audacious, bold, courageous, fearless, foolhardy, gutsy, reckless, brave, cheeky, brassy, unsound, perilous, dicey, speculative, fraught with danger, intrepid, venturous, venturesome [Event "Tradewise Gibraltar"] [Site "Caleta ENG"] [Date "2015.01.27"] [Round "1.2"] [White "Jovana Vojinovic"] [Black "Hikaru Nakamura"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "A80"] [PlyCount "66"] [EventDate "2015.01.27"] 1. d4 f5 2. Bg5 c6 (2... Nf6 3. Bxf6 exf6) 3. e3 Qb6 4. Nd2 Qxb2 5. Rb1 (5. Bd3 ) 5... Qc3 (5... Qxa2 6. Nc4 Qa4 7. e4 fxe4 8. Ra1 Qb4+ (8... Qb5 9. Nd6+) 9. Bd2 Qb5 10. Nd6+) 6. g4 (6. Bd3 d6 7. Ne2 Qa5 8. O-O) 6... Qa5 7. gxf5 Qxf5 8. h4 Qa5 9. Nh3 g6 10. Bd3 d6 11. Qf3 (11. h5 Bxh3 12. Rxh3 Qxg5 13. hxg6 Qg1+ 14. Nf1 Nf6 15. Rxb7 {White better even here!}) 11... Nd7 12. h5 (12. Rg1 Ndf6 13. Nf4 Kd8 14. h5 Bg7 15. Bh4 Kc7 16. hxg6 h6 17. Ke2) 12... Ndf6 13. hxg6 hxg6 14. Bxg6+ Kd8 15. Bf4 Kc7 16. Ng5 Rxh1+ 17. Qxh1 Bh6 18. Qh4 Bd7 19. Bd3 Nd5 20. Ne6+ Bxe6 21. Bxh6 Nc3 22. Ra1 Qb4 23. Kf1 Nxa2 24. Rd1 (24. Rxa2 Bxa2) 24... Nc3 25. Re1 Nxh6 26. Qxh6 Bd7 27. f3 (27. Qg7 a5 28. Qxe7 Nd5) 27... a5 28. Kf2 a4 29. Qg5 Rh8 30. Qg3 Nd5 31. Rd1 c5 32. Bc4 (32. dxc5 Qxc5 33. Nf1 b5 ) 32... Nc3 33. Re1 b5 {0-1} 0-1 ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: ►Playlists: ►FREE online chess at or realtime at ►Follow me at Google+ :