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Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin : Altibox Norway Chess (2017): Nimzo-Indian Defense

Is Magnus Carlsen close to losing the no.1 spot? " Mind the real-time rating calculation gap! Technically according to : Live Chess Ratings - The gap between himself has lessened because he lost some rating points a the Norway Altibox 2017 tournament: Each draw he had even against those opponents cost sometimes more than 0.5 of a rating point. But each of the two losses cost more than 5 rating points. The win against Karjakin helped though in gaining back 4.3 rating points. His current rating after Altibox Norway 2017 is : 2822.3 In second place is Kramnik with 2811.5 Wesley so is in 3rd at 2809.8 Aronian is now in 4th at 2808.5 So it is clear that if his “chasers” had some good tournaments they might close or overtaken Magnus Carlsen on the live rating list and then maybe even on the official rating lists published each month. World Champion status Now, i like to answer questions on Quora like an enthusiastic TV interview where the person being quizzed adds some other stuff which might be of interest. My own question is basically - “So what?”. He is world champion - would it bother him not to have the biggest rating next to his name?! He still would be World Chess Champion. Evolution generally around Magnus Carlsen His app is still evolving. Norway chess is still buzzing. He is interviewing all around the world, helping popularise chess generally. When he does better in tournaments, there will be more celebration rather than it being taken for granted. I have this on my own daily live commentary games - it would be boring (and impossible) for me to win every game. Losing helps one keep one’s humility and drive - to do better next time. And to be appreciated more for when one wins. Magnus to me is the most gifted naturally talented player currently alive. He actually proved his intuition is stronger than other GMs if the test of blitz chess is anything to go by: Altibox Norway (Blitz) (2017) Example game: Sergey Karjakin vs Magnus Carlsen : Altibox Norway (Blitz) (2017) · Dutch Defense He has the “power of the force” in him more than anyone else if you are a Star Wars fan. And he is popularising chess like no other world champion before him! And maybe he isn’t as hard working generally as other players, but when push-comes-to-shove in a World championship match, he did show some resilience in the last match against Karjakin and created a “win on demand” at a critical point to level the match. And then he went on to win the faster time control deciders. So the “Intuition” of faster chess will help also maintain his world champion status if he can maintain at least a level score in the long game section. Cheers, K " ►Kingscrusher chess resources: ►Kingscrusher's "Crushing the King" video course with GM Igor Smirnov: ►FREE online turn-style chess at or realtime at (use my discount code KINGICC for 10% off) ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: ►Kingscrusher's training books at Chessable: ►Playlists: ►Follow me at Google+ : ►Play and follow broadcasts at Chess24: