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Kingscrusher Youtube Chess Channel reaches 5000 videos!

Welcome! I am webmaster of Chessworld which you can visit with and I started this Youtube channel originally to help market my site but fell in love with doing chess videos for its own sake as well! :) You can support my channel by donating via PayPal: or by becoming a full member at Chessworld. This video celebrates an important channel checkpoint in 2014 and marked 5000 chess videos on Youtube which I hope many people from all around the world have enjoyed. I talk about my background before Youtube and how the channel started. Originally I was working on my casual correspondence server - before this the Barnet chess club website. On Chessworld, it really started when Majnu2006 introduced me to how to record videos and I thought it would be interesting at least from a site marketing perspective to create videos. I quickly discovered it was great fun in its own right. Youtube makes it very addictive to create videos to get views, likes, comments, etc. The video highlights that the videos on the channel reflect my interest areas in chess. For example blitz chess has been a passion of mine since the 1990s - especially in particular 5 minute blitz chess. I have had enormous pleasure playing blitz chess with friends such as Fatandmad and TheCypriot and Paul Georghiou. Fatandmad is Costas Karayannis. TheCypriot is Alecos Ethelontis. The channel has also the Evolution of style series, which tracks how masters have been able to follow the foundations of their previousd generations and how the style of chess has evolved. The channel also has videos that highlight the "dynamic school of chess". In this regard for example the recent Sacrifices series show how various masters have often given up material for positional and other considerations like King Safety There is a huge commitment behind this chess channel, so if you are interested in Chess, please consider SUBSCRIBING to the channel. It is FREE and you will get notified of any new videos. Cheers, KC With 5000+ (as of 6th March 2014) videos this Channel is one of the largest chess channels on YouTube. My videos include: 1. Analysis of master games (all your heart could desire, from Morphy to Carlsen) 2. Analysis of my own personal games 3: Evolution of Chess Style (a series where I looks a different games throughout history and shows how the style of play has evolved) 4: Blitz-chess with live commentary (I am a fairly strong blitzplayer and have crushed many IMs and GMs on ICC Autopairing) 5. Warzone Tournaments with live commentary 6. Opening and Opening Trap videos Playlist structure here: I usually upload new chess videos once a day or even more sometimes! â–ºPlaylists: â–ºKingscrusher's Greatest Hit Videos! : â–ºFREE online chess at or realtime at â–ºSupport the channel by donating via PayPal: