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Amazing Chess Game: Garry Kasparov vs Vassily Ivanchuk - Horgen (1995) - French Defense

►Playlists: ►Kingscrusher's Greatest Hit Videos! : ►Play FREE online chess at or realtime at Garry Kasparov vs Vassily Ivanchuk - Horgen (1995) · French Defense: Winawer. Advance Variation General (C16) [Event "Horgen"] [Site "Horgen SUI"] [Date "1995.10.26"] [Round "6"] [White "Garry Kasparov"] [Black "Vassily Ivanchuk"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "C16"] [PlyCount "62"] [EventDate "1995.10.21"] {Horgen 1995 Compiled by suenteus po 147 The third and final installment of the PCA "Super Classic" chess tournament series was played in Horgen, Switzerland from October 21st to November 2nd, 1995. The "Credit Suisse Masters," as it was called, was a round robin, category XVII tournament organized directly after the PCA world championship. Garry Kasparov had defeated Vishwanathan Anand and had then joined ten other top rated grandmasters for the final event in the year's series. The complete list of participants include (in order of ELO): Garry Kasparov (2795), Vassily Ivanchuk (2740), Vladimir Kramnik (2730), Artur Yusupov (2680), Nigel Short (2645), Rafael Vaganian (2645), Viktor Korchnoi (2635), Joel Lautier (2635), Jaan Ehlvest (2630), Boris Gulko (2620), and Jan Timman (2590). Nine of the original top ten PCA rated grandmasters who started the series finished it. Anand dropped out of Novgorod and was replaced by Topalov. Here, Topalov was replaced by Lautier. Korchnoi was added to the competition as a local grandmaster to represent Switzerland. In the surprise of the year, world champion Kasparov finished with just an even score, having dropped one game to the tournament co-winner Ivanchuk. Both he and Kramnik finished with 7/10 each, capitalizing on the speculation that both players were strong enough to soon become world champions themselves. Although Kramnik would eventually succeed in this respect, the title continues to elude Ivanchuk. The final standings and crosstable follow:} 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e5 b6 5. a3 Bf8 6. Nf3 Ne7 7. h4 h6 8. h5 a5 9. Bb5+ c6 10. Ba4 (10. Bd3 Ba6 11. Bf4 Bxd3 12. Qxd3 b5 13. Be3 Nf5 14. g4 Nxe3 15. Qxe3 Nd7) 10... Nd7 11. Ne2 b5 12. Bb3 c5 13. c3 Nc6 14. O-O Qc7 15. Re1 c4 16. Bc2 Nb6 17. Bf4 Be7 18. Bg3 Rb8 19. Nh2 Qd8 20. Ng4 (20. f4 Bh4 (20... Bd7 21. Ng4) 21. Nf3 Bxg3 22. Nxg3) (20. Nf4 Bh4 21. Bxh4 Qxh4 22. Qd2 b4) 20... b4 21. axb4 axb4 22. cxb4 (22. Bb1 b3 23. Nf4 Ra8 24. Rxa8 Nxa8 25. Ne3 Nb6 26. Qg4 Kf8 27. Re2 Qd7 28. Bh4 Bxh4 29. Qxh4 Qa7 30. f3 Na4 31. Qe1 Qa5 32. Qd2) 22... Nxb4 23. Bb1 Bd7 24. b3 (24. Bf4 Ra8 25. Rxa8 Qxa8 26. Nc3 Na4 27. Qe2 Qa7 28. Qd2 Qb6) 24... Ra8 25. Rxa8 Qxa8 26. bxc4 Nxc4 27. Nc1 Ba4 28. Qe2 Qa7 29. Ne3 Qxd4 30. Nxc4 dxc4 31. Qf1 O-O 0-1 Ivanchuk masterclass video ►Subscribe for my regular chess videos: ►Support the channel by donating via PayPal: Thumbnail:Kasparov vs Ivanchuk Kasparov Smiling By Copyright 2007, S.M.S.I., Inc. - Owen Williams, The Kasparov Agency. ( [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Ivanchuk By ???????? (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons